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Bringing The Joyous ChildBirth Prenatal Online Program To Your Home.

Having experienced a traumatic first birth herself, complete with epidural, drugs and forceps, Gurjeet knew there had to be better way. That is why she used her life experience, expert maternity nursing experience and research to create the Joyous Childbirth Online Program, which is interesting, fun and uses methods of accelerated learning. Gurjeet knows how the mind works on a deeper, subconscious level, since most of our lives, our joy, our pain and how we feel about our experiences all unfold from this state without us even realizing it. She is able to help you eliminate all your fears and make dramatic progress towards a safe, pain free and joyous birth.

She comes from a family of medical professionals, so you can  say that helping and healing are in her DNA. She has Masters Degrees in Gynaec-Obstetrical Nursing (Mumbai, India) and Nursing Research (Sydney, Australia) in addition to Masters Degrees in Reiki, Sociology and English Literature and certifications in Acupressure and Hypnotherapy. She has trained with the masters in the industry including Kevin Hogan-US Master hypnotherapist, John Kehoe-Canadian author and seminar leader.

Today she lives with her husband and three children in Surrey, BC and works in the Family Birthing Unit at the local hospital in addition to educating student nurses at the local university. Gurjeet is a firm believer in the laws of the universe and loves to meditate in her free time.

Gurjeet places her focus directly on your needs and desires for a happy childbirth experience.  She can show you how you can easily reprogram your mind and body for a natural and joyous birth, which allows for your baby’s life to begin in the most positive way possible

She continues her deep passion for pain relief and natural birth using a combination of skills, caring and expertise based on over 30 years of training and experience.  Gurjeet looks forward to learning your story and helping you during this amazing part of your life.

Let Gurjeet’s passion for Natural Joyous Childbirth
Inspire You to Make Your Birthing More Authentic, Pain Free and Fun.


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