Every Mother Deservse A Joyous Childbirth Experience!

"Look No Further... An Online Pregnancy Playshop That Will Actually Prepare You For Everything That You Will Encounter During Your Pregnancy"

Stop Worrying About All Of The Unknowns That Come With Being Pregnant,
In This Course We Will Take You Through Each And Every Trimester!

9 Easy To Follow Modules To Help You
Design A Joyous Birthing Experience!

Your Joyous Childbirth Experience Begins Right Here With This Birth By Design Playshop Series!

Eliminate Fears

Discover and Eliminate Fears around childbirth and motherhood.

Birthing Team

Whether it's your partner, midwife or doctor, design your birth the way YOU want it.

Birth Day

Be completely prepared for the Birth Day. We have every aspect covered for you.


Baby is here... Joyous Birth can lead to Joyous Parenting but you need a good foundation.

Everything You Will Encounter During Your Pregnancy Is Dependant On Your Decision To Get Prepared The Best Way You Can!

The Biggest Decision You Could Make
For You And Your Baby Is Moments Away...

Whether this is your first or not, the future holds many "FIRSTS".

The first time your baby looks at you...
The first time your baby makes a sound...
The first time your baby falls asleep in your arms...
The first time your baby wraps their little hands around your finger...

Landing on "this" page and reading "this" text begins the first of many important decisions you'll have to make and it IS whether you are going to prepare yourself for a Joyous Birth or not.

From The Desk Of: Gurjeet Minhas
RE: Your Birthing Experience

Dear Friend,

So You’re Going To Be A MOM!

Now The REAL Question Is… Are You Ready to Discover Little Known Secrets That Can Increase Your Chances Of Having A Joyous Childbirth Experience?

You Owe It To Your Self & Your Baby To Be Fully Prepare!

Welcome to the "Club". Mother's for many generations have been in your shoes and have faced the same challenges.

It's common for a mother-to-be to have TONS of questions flooding their minds and wondering what to expect.

Maybe you've already got all the advice you want/need from my family members, in-laws, and friends... Somehow everyone had something different to share.

I can remember back to how I was mixed with nervousness and excitement when I found out that I was going to have a baby!

As happy as I was, I still wanted to cry because I was so scared of the unknown, I had no clue what to expect. My mind raced with doubts and concerns about my ability to handle childbirth AND motherhood!

I had heard enough birthing stories over the years to know that no pregnancy was the same and found that I didn't know which one of the guides to believe.

I thought there had to be a better way for expecting mothers to prepare for the most joyful birthing experience possible, but all the programs I looked into fell short of my expectations.

More and more women are wanting a natural and joyful pregnancy from beginning to birth. In a Natural Pregancy you intentionally take care of your body, your mind, your spirit and your baby.

"More and more women are wanting a natural and joyful pregnancy from beginning to birth."

Praise and Endorsement from Childbrith Educator and Author

Penny Simpkin totally supports the Joyous Birth Prenatal preparation and commended Gurjeet for teaching the playshops in the community. She said "the timing was right and there is a great need for such powerful technologies to be used by moms" in achieving a natural birth their bodies were designed for.

Penny Simpkin (Doula, childbirth educator and author)

"By following her techniques my baby was
out in 20 minutes without any drugs"

I was 4 months pregnant when I attended Gurjeet’s Joyous Birth Playshops. And believe me when I say PLAYSHOPS. Gurjeet is a very talented, educated, professional individual who truly cares about her clients.

She not only teaches you how to prepare yourself physically but also mentally and emotionally through her yoga exercises, breathing and mind control techniques. I was also very impressed the way she included my husband in the whole process. Because this was my first pregnancy I had a lot of fears and unanswered questions and I was getting a lot of conflicting information from friends and family.

Not only did her playshops help me get rid of my fear of natural birth, but also instilled the confidence in me that bringing my baby in this world can be easy, painless, & drug free.

By following her techniques my baby was out in 20 minutes without any drugs and I did not require any stiches either.It was truly a Joyous Birth experience for me and i would recommend Gurjeet’s playshops to any would be mother.

Jasmeet M (Accountant)

"The joyous birth preparation helped me breeze through my labour"

I met Gurjeet during my second pregnancy. I was greatly impressed with all her teaching regarding pregnancy and labour techniques.

Being a registered nurse on the birthing unit, I had thought I knew it all. But I was mistaken. The communication techniques helped me bond with my baby and I could sleep better.

The yoga exercises helped me get rid of my leg cramps. The joyous birth preparation helped me breeze through my labour and I had no tearing either! Every mom to be should attend the playshops, I highly recommend them.

Pavandeep Dhaliwal (RN)

Somehow we bought into the idea that pregnancy was a "medical" condition and started treating it like one. Being pregnant and giving birth are a natural part of a woman's life expereince, her body is genetically designed for this miracle.

As a registered nurse I’ve been assisting women with the Joyous delivery of their babies for over 30 years, and over the years I’ve come to realize many things that can really make the whole experience a true joy from beginning to end.

I’ve discovered the true reasons why women have had such difficult times with something that’s so natural and I want to share that knowledge with you.

Introducing... The Joyous Childbirth Home Study Program
Here’s a quick sneak peak at all the great stuff you’ll get when you register:

  • Open your eyes to the true nature of childbirth.
  • Explore the reality of birth today.
  • Find out how the Laws Of The Mind can take your birthing experience to a whole new level of fulfillment.
  • Strategies to get to sleep when nothing else works.
  • Exercises that strengthen and stretch your birthing muscles.
  • Proper nutrition for you and your baby.
  • Address and eliminate fears that may affect your birth process.
  • Bond with your baby long before you can physically hold him/her.
  • The importance of a well prepared partner.
  • Be fully prepared for “The Big Day” so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.
  • What to do beyond the birth day.

In The Joyous Childbirth Program You Will Be Guided
Step-By-Step Through Your Birthing Stages.

Each module will continue to build your knowledge and confidence in your ability to have a joyful birth and you will feel completely prepared for each stage of your pregnancy right through to the birth date.

Along the way we will uncover and then eliminate any and all fears around birthing your child with easy to follow checklists that will put your mind at ease.

It's important to know your options so this program will explore the pro's and con's of what is currently available for pregnant women so that ANY decision you make, will be an educated one. Not based on societal norms or pressures from outside sources. 

In order to have a "Natural" and Joyful childbirth experience, it IS important to prepare yourself, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and DRASTICALLY reduce the need for drugs or medical intervention during delivery.

Taking this home study course, you will be ensuring that you are fully equipped with all the knowledge and practice needed to safely and joyfully welcome your child into your arms.

You will get 9 Video Modules and each one will have downloadable worksheets to follow along with the course material.

If you were fortunate enough to find all this information in one place with a live birthing practitioner you'd easily spend over $1000, but through the power of the internet you can get instant access in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost.

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The regular tuition for this home study playshop is only $297 but for a limited time we are offering it for only $149! That's 50% off but only if you act fast. Once the timer runs out, we will be resetting the price back to the regular tuition.

Through the power of the internet you can get instant access and have the flexibility of schedule to go through the 9 modules at your own pace, you can simply click the "Register Now" button on this page and START The Joyous Childbirth Experience right away!

"To my surprise, there was so much information that I learnt that was not taught in the prenatal classes I took earlier or in any of the pregnancy books that I had read."

- Ruchita S (HR advisor)

"I would definitely recommend these classes for other moms-to -be also because I think these classes had provided me with such info that had helped me tremendously during my labour and delivery process."

- Poonam B (Joy TV Talk Show Host)

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