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Prepared Mom Package

Get The 9 Key Components To Maximize You r Chances Of Having A Joyous Birthing Experience

Attention Expecting Moms

Do You Wish For A Joyous, Stress Free, Safe And Maybe Even Painless Delivery? In this short mini-series you will get 3 lessons and 3 Bonus Reports so that you are on your way to being prepared for every stage of your pregnancy.


LIVE Consultation With Gurjeet Minhas

To Get Personalized and Customized Joyous Birthing Training. It's like having your own personal birthing expert to guide you through a Joyous Birth.

LIVE Consultations Are Currently Available With Gurjeet Minhas.

For Pregnant Mom's or Couples who may have special circumstances around their pregnancy that our Home Study Course isn't designed to cover, OR IF you would just prefer a LIVE coach working with you through your pregnancy. These Sessions are LIMITED, completely dependent on availability and may be removed as an option when Gurjeet is booked up.


Joyous Childbirth Home Study Course

Look No Further... An Online Pregnancy Playshop That Will Actually Prepare You For Everything That You Will Encounter During Your Pregnancy

Do It For Your Baby And Take The Joyous Childbirth Home Study Course.

Stop Worrying About All Of The Unknowns That Come With Being Pregnant, In This Course We Will Take You Through Each And Every Trimester! 9 Easy To Follow Modules To Help You Design A Joyous Birthing Experience! Your Joyous Childbirth Experience Begins Right Here With This Birth By Design Playshop Series!

Poonam B

Thank You Very Much

Thank you very much for providing me with such valuable and important information about child birth which helped me majorly during my delivery. I would definitely recommend these classes for other moms-to -be also because I think these classes had provided me with such info that had helped me tremendously during my labour and delivery Continue Reading

Poonam B Joy TV Talk Show Host

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Find Out Your Joyous Birth Date Here!

Congratulations on your news. We understand you are excited and people are going to be constantly asking you "When are you due?" or "How far along are you?"

We have a simple pregnancy calculator for you right her at, because we know how important it is to know the major benchmarks during your pregnancy. Once you have those dates, you can plan and prepare accordingly to ensure you have a safe, healthy and Joyous Birth Experience.

All you have to do is click the "Calculate" button below and then there are 2 simple steps:

Step 1. Enter the date of your last menstrual period. Day | Month | Year
Step 2. Click Calculate.

THAT'S IT! Like magic you'll see the following:

1 - Estimated Conception Date
2 - Estimated Fertility Dates
3 - End of First Trimester
4 - End of Second Trimester
5 - Estimated Due Date

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