R. Parmar

We Could Not Have Done It Without The Joyous Childbirth Classes

Gurjeet’s information and techniques are truly impressive and proved so valuable for me. Her information should be mandatory for all pregnant women who want the best experience for themselves and their babies.

R. Parmar Professor at Adelphi University, New York

B. Atwal

I Have No Words To Thank Gurjeet

I have no words to thank Gurjeet for all the helpful tips and techniques she taught me. What really helped boost my confidence and prepare me for birth was nutritional advice and the exercises I needed to strengthen my birthing muscles. I strongly recommend her to anyone who really cares for herself and her baby.

B. Atwal Aesthetician, Bliss Beauty Care, Surrey BC

Jasmeet M

Gurjeet Truly Cares About Her Clients

Gurjeet truly cares about her clients. She not only teaches you how to prepare yourself physically but also mentally and emotionally. By following her techniques my baby was out in 20 minutes without any drugs and I did not require any stitches either. It was truly a Joyous Birth experience for me and I would recommend Gurjeet’s playshops to any would-be mother.

J.M. Accountant and self employed

S. Dhindsa

Many Thanks To Gurjeet

Joyous Childbirth Prenatal Preparation is a program I was familiar with for a very long time but never thought about going to at first. But then my pregnancy had complications where even the doctors weren't sure of what to do and I was under a lot of stress. I went to Gurjeet and she gave me the knowledge that I needed, but the best part of it was that she lifted my spirit as mother to be and filled me with positive energy that I hadn't felt in my whole pregnancy. She energized me and prepared me to bring my bundle of joy safely into this world. This program gave me a healthy mind, body and spirit and the end result was a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy baby. This program is a must have for all pregnant women. Can't wait to have my second with this program. I was 36 weeks pregnant when I visited Gurjeet. I was very stressed out as I was told by doctors to deliver early due to a small baby...I had no idea on what to do. It was only after visiting Gurjeet I got my mind clear and I was relaxed... and I had wonderful delivery at 39 weeks. Many thanks to her.

S. Dhindsa R.N.

default image

This Is The Best Gift To Your Baby And Yourself

I had the pleasure of attending the joyous birth playshops just recently. I was close to my delivery date and had already taken prenatal classes, read books on pregnancy and just wanted to try out the playshops to see if I will learn something new. To my surprise, there was so much information that I learnt that was not taught in the prenatal classes I took earlier or in any of the pregnancy books that I had read. Also, Gurjeet is very personable and makes the sessions informative and fun at the same time. The program offered is one of a kind and I wish I had taken her playshops a few months earlier than my expected due date. The program is very holistic in its approach and covers all aspects of pregnancy. Yoga poses, breathing techniques, what to eat, what to expect etc. is all covered and more. My favorite part was writing the birth story and preparing the birth plan. I highly recommend these playshops to all pregnant women out there. This is the best investment you can make during your pregnancy and the best gift to your baby and yourself!

R. Sukhija HR Advisor

default image

I Intend On Resorting To The ‘Joyous Birth’ Methodologies Again

I am 36-years-old and recently had my first baby. Everything went fine, and she is growing and healthy. Looking back, I was extremely afraid of the pain anticipated during my labour and delivery process, despite the prenatal class and literature I read in preparation. In my last trimester, I came across Gurjeet’s great wisdom and wealth of knowledge on the ‘Joyous Birth.’ I focused on ways of releasing my fears and negative emotions. I achieved this by utilizing various relaxation techniques, including guided imagery, visualization, breathing techniques, and meditation. It also helped involving my partner in this process. Next time, I intend on resorting to the ‘Joyous Birth’ methodologies again. These were very inspirational and encouraging for me.

Janice Gill Social Worker

P. Dhaliwal

Yoga Exercises Helped Me Get Rid Of My Leg Cramps

I met Gurjeet during my second pregnancy. I was greatly impressed with all her teaching regarding pregnancy and labour techniques. Being a registered nurse on the birthing unit, I had thought I knew it all. But I was mistaken. The communication techniques helped me bond with my baby and I could sleep better. The yoga exercises helped me get rid of my leg cramps. The joyous birth preparation helped me breeze through my labour and I had no tearing either! Every mom to be should attend the playshops, I highly recommend them.

P. Dhaliwal Nurse Practitioner

Poonam B

Thank You Very Much

Thank you very much for providing me with such valuable and important information about child birth which helped me majorly during my delivery. I would definitely recommend these classes for other moms-to -be also because I think these classes had provided me with such info that had helped me tremendously during my labour and delivery process. When I went to the hospital after my water broke, I was ready for the next process as I knew what was going to happen at the hospital. Instead of getting scared, I was ready and prepared according to the information I had received from your prenatal classes. Thank you very much.

Poonam B Joy TV Talk Show Host

R. Hunter

Joyous Childbirth Helped Me To Relax

Gurjeet’s Joyous Birth playshop helped me to relax and prepare for what was ahead. I really enjoyed learning about my inner strengths and appreciated the breathing techniques she offered.

R. Hunter Homemaker

Odin and Rea

Prenatal Education is every bit as much for Dad as it is for Mom

Prenatal Education is every bit as much for Dad as it is for Mom. My wife and I both received valuable prenatal education. She gave birth to 2 healthy children both over 8 lbs, no drugs, no C-Section, 6 yrs apart, and in her late 30ies. The births were 100% natural, in our home on the cozy comfort of our bed, both times. We used midwives, each time, and I'm still bragging about the strength my wife had, giving birth naturally, and still has. She also breast fed both our children for over 2 years. We are very happy to recommend Gurjeet S Minhas and the Joyous Childbirth Prenatal Preparation in Surrey. With C-Sections on the rise, her classes are the perfect solution for expecting moms.

Check out her courses, with over 4000 successful births and over 50 thousand hours of experience, you’ll definitely get the best information for preparing for your natural birth! For me this was the best and only way to experience a birth, strength is a woman giving birth naturally. Often, I think of that day and I’m inspired.

O. Zavier Surrey B.C.

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