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Here's What Our Customers Say

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We Had A Wonderful Time Attending The Virtual Classes And Learned A Lot

We recently finished our prenatal classes with Gurjeet and are so happy with choosing Joyous Childbirth as our prenatal resource. We had a wonderful time attending the virtual classes and learned a lot. We are still waiting for our bundle of joy to arrive but feel more confident about the birthing process thanks to Gurjeet's classes! Highly recommend this class to first time parents.

C. Kuampah

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It Was A Pleasure Learning From Her

I highly recommend prenatal classes by Gurjeet. She is one of the down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and wonderful people I have ever met. She treated me like her family. Through her guidance, I saved myself from going for induction back and forth and was able to get such a fantastic childbirth experience. It was a pleasure learning from her. Thank you again, Gurjeet!!

R Claire

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We Are So Happy We Choose Gurjeet

We are so happy we choose Gurjeet for our prenatal classes. She is really nice and explain things or experiences in details. She even provided the resources. We had a wonderful time attending the virtual classes and learned a lot. We are still waiting for our baby to arrive, but we feel pretty confident and believe in the techniques taught by Gurjeet.

Gurveer H

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Gurjeet Is Very Knowledgeable

Gurjeet’s prenatal classes were great covering the diet, exercises, childbirth process and postpartum things that prepare us entirely. All the 4 sessions are very detailed. Gurjeet is very knowledgeable and attends everyone very professionally. She cleared all the questions I had while pregnant and she was very helpful answering my call during labour. She treats everyone like family. I highly recommend her classes!!

Vidya M

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We’re Very Grateful For Gurjeet’s Classes

My childbirth experience was unlike anything else I’ve experienced before (especially as this is our first baby), yet I wouldn’t it for the world. Among the helpful things that prepared me (physically, emotionally, and mentally) is Gurjeet’s prenatal classes. The 4 sessions were in-depth and very useful — Everything from the prenatal exercises and stretching, mindfulness approach, deep breathing strategies during labour, and postpartum lessons have all been helpful! We’re very grateful for Gurjeet’s classes, and her approachable and friendly ways in supporting all her students. Highly recommend taking her classes!

Estephanie SV

Sunny Minz

Gurjeet Is An Amazing Teacher!

I would recommend her classes to all new parents to be! All the information you learn from her classes help pre and post pregnancy!

Sunny Minz

Dr Anne Marie Evers

Keep Up The Good Work!

It’s a privilege to know you and the work you do to support pregnant women.

Dr. Anne Marie Evers The Affirmations Doctor and Canadian Author

R. Parmar

We Could Not Have Done It Without The Joyous Childbirth Classes

Gurjeet’s information and techniques are truly impressive and proved so valuable for me. Her information should be mandatory for all pregnant women who want the best experience for themselves and their babies.

R. Parmar Professor at Adelphi University, New York

B. Atwal

I Have No Words To Thank Gurjeet

I have no words to thank Gurjeet for all the helpful tips and techniques she taught me. What really helped boost my confidence and prepare me for birth was nutritional advice and the exercises I needed to strengthen my birthing muscles. I strongly recommend her to anyone who really cares for herself and her baby.

B. Atwal Aesthetician, Bliss Beauty Care, Surrey BC

Jasmeet M

Gurjeet Truly Cares About Her Clients

Gurjeet truly cares about her clients. She not only teaches you how to prepare yourself physically but also mentally and emotionally. By following her techniques my baby was out in 20 minutes without any drugs and I did not require any stitches either. It was truly a Joyous Birth experience for me and I would recommend Gurjeet’s playshops to any would-be mother.

J.M. Accountant and self employed