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Your pregnancy and childbirth experience depends on you!

Not your family, friends, nurse or doctor. Its true that they can influence your experience of pregnancy and birth, but its up to you to get influenced and let them make decisions for you OR to take full responsibility and make your own preparations, do your homework and leave nothing to chance. [continue reading…]

Your journey from conception to birth can be an undoubtedly long and challenging undertaking. To ensure a smooth and natural delivery there are many factors that need your focus during the next nine months. Due to the excitement and fulfillment of having a natural birth, more and more women are planning to be free of epidurals and the surgeon’s scalpel while increasing the safety of the baby during the day of delivery. [continue reading…]

Every pregnancy is different and every baby is different. But there is one common denominator in all pregnancies and some of the best pregnancy advice comes from other moms who “have been there, done that”. So what is that common denominator? That common denominator is you and this is all about tips for your care when you are in the pregnancy phase of your life. [continue reading…]

Every pregnancy is different and so is every baby. But there is one common denominator in all pregnancies, and that is YOU. This means that it is up to you to take responsibility and know what can really help you. Here are some valuable tips to help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy, provide an optimal environment for your unborn baby and prepare yourself for birth. [continue reading…]

Yes, A Joyous Birth IS Possible!
The first and most important course we offer can be done in person or taken online. In “Yes, A Joyous Birth IS Possible” we set the foundation for all of what you’ll need to ensure the smoothest, most comfortable and pleasant experience for during the pregnancy, throughout the delivery and after the birth of your new child. [continue reading…]

Importance of Nutrition in Pregnancy

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy period. The best time to reconsider and review your nutritional practices is when you are having your first pregnancy especially the first weeks into the pregnancy since it is when the major fetal body systems are being formed and rapidly developed.  Sometimes it’s essential to make their nutritional and lifestyle changes months before conception takes place. [continue reading…]

The current health care system provides you with many options. You may choose to have an OB- Gyn, midwife or a general practitioner as your care giver during pregnancy and birth. Depending on any issues that arise during pregnancy, you may need the services of a specialist. In addition blood tests and ultrasounds may be ordered to ensure that all is well with your pregnancy.

Make sure you have medical coverage or else it can get very expensive for your pocket.