Joyous Childbirth Coaching Package

Supporting You And Baby Through Pregnancy

Are You Afraid Of The Unknowns Of Pregnancy And Childbirth?

Will A Lack Of Ongoing Guidance And Support Prevent You From Enjoying A Healthy Pregnancy And Having An Easy Childbirth?

Enjoy Your Pregnancy, Transition Into Safe Childbirth With Support To Bring Your Baby Into This World With Love And Joy!


You Can Now Receive Guidance, Personal Support And Help To Ensure Your Happy Pregnancy And Childbirth Experience!

After assisting thousands of women across the globe, have healthy pregnancies and prepare for amazing birth experiences, I would love to be your guide and helper!

Why Have a Pregnancy Coach?

In today’s modern environment, you must maintain your balance in all things and consistently prioritize your childbirth preparation. So many of us believe that knowledge is power in the realm of online gaming, and its embodiment in the fervent favoritism of  among players, affording them the invaluable opportunity to explore and experience the offerings of an online casino and its games without any financial commitment, fostering a sense of discovery and innovation. When it comes to pregnancy knowledge is power as well. So, we read every book and blog that we can get our hands on in pregnancy and in games too. But there are times when all that pregnancy literature (not to mention hours of googling) yields so much that you end up feeling confused. And that can be lonely.

Every Pregnancy Has Its Own Challenges

Somehow, pregnancy pulls you back into the inescapable reality of what is happening in your body and compels you to reach out for assistance as every pregnancy is different and comes with a unique set of concerns and questions.

All too often you lose sight of strategies, processes, and plans as there is so much going on in your life. One thing that you are sure of is that you want the best for your baby and yourself and would like guidance and support when you really need it.

That’s where a pregnancy coach comes in — to offer you support during and after pregnancy, creating positive lifelong habits in your lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition, as well as your attitude in your life as a new parent.

Why You'd Want To Have A Pregnancy Coach

The goal of good pregnancy coaching is to simplify the overwhelming amount of information, emotions and life changes being thrown at you in such a short amount of time. You can quickly implement change in a way that makes sense for your needs and specific situation.

Being able to prioritize support is crucial for women who are otherwise very busy with the other aspects of their lives but are still concerned about entering motherhood in a healthy and nurtured way.
You know that support from an expert is totally worth it when you are struggling to keep on track or come across situations where you are concerned and need to talk to someone, not just anyone but a trusted expert who cares for your well being and knows exactly how to assist you!

You know that you are totally worth the investment in yourself, and you are aware that your baby depends on you!

Ask Yourself:

  1. Do I struggle with implementing changes that I know are essential for my well being during pregnancy?
  2. Do I have so many unanswered questions and not sure where to get truthful answers?
  3. Am I willing to make my baby a priority and do all that is required for my baby to receive a strong start in life?
  4. Am I highly motivated to have the best pregnancy experience?
  5. Would I like to receive loving support by a childbirth expert during pregnancy?
  6. Do I need help to clear whatever might prevent me from having a joyous childbirth?
  7. Do I wish to be totally relaxed and confident during my baby’s birth?
  8. Do I want to prepare myself so that I am able to birth my baby without drugs affecting me or my baby?

Pregnancy Coaching and Support Helps You

  • Gain insight into your pregnancy and receive support when you require it
  • Determine your beliefs related to childbirth and change them if required to ensure that they support you during childbirth
  • Clear any obstacle preventing you from implementing the strategies learned
  • With support and guidance to increase accountability for your preparation
  • Reduce stress and increase calm in your life so that your baby thrives
  • Reach and achieve an enjoyable pregnancy that you only dreamed of
  • Locate “what is missing” and develop an action plan for it
  • Receive personal help so you can eliminate fear and increase your confidence
  • Learn how you can take control so that you experience birth the way you want to
  • Provide the best for your baby so that you can give your baby a strong start in life
  • Receive answers to pressing pregnancy and birth questions from a trusted expert support and guidance to ease any stress that you are facing
  • Use the special tools provided to create Magic in any area of your life even

What Can You Expect From This Value Packed Coaching Program?

2 Personal Laser Coaching Zoom sessions during pregnancy, super focused. You may use them to help you with your preparation. The purpose is to promote quick alignment, a rapid sense of relief, and a way of quickly unblocking. You may use them for relief when faced with specific concerns/fears/trauma when you need it. These sessions give you immediate relief from emotional issues that distress you. You can thus ensure that your baby gets the best physical and emotional environment before birth

Zoom accountability sessions till baby arrives. You will learn everything you need to know to plan an empowered birth your way. These calls help guide you to ensure you are on track with your preparation for childbirth. You are provided with additional resources to help with the unknowns that may arise so that you can stay relaxed and your baby gets to thrive in an optimal environment

Unlimited text and email support when you need it during stressful times in your pregnancy.

So Let Me Ask You:

Are you ready to take control of your birth and leave nothing to chance?

Do you want to have magical effects on your wellbeing and consequently the well-being of your little one?

If You Answered Yes To Either Of Those

Then Your Choice Is Very Clear

Still Have Questions?