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Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms

Every pregnancy is different and every baby is different. But there is one common denominator in all pregnancies and some of the best pregnancy advice comes from other moms who “have been there, done that”. So what is that common denominator? That common denominator is you and this is all about tips for your care when you are in the pregnancy phase of your life.

So what would moms tell other first time moms about pregnancy? Here are a few of their tips:

Have some “me” time

Get out and about while you can. Go to the movies, meet your girlfriends for lunch, go shopping or take a romantic break away with your partner. It’s much easier being footloose and free now than when your little one arrives!

Practice Self Love

Self love does not mean the narcissistic or vain type of love. Simply take the time to indulge in self care activities like having an aromatic tub bath with candles and music. Maybe you want to get a different hairstyle done or a manicure pedicure combo and the list could go on depending on what makes you feel good.  In addition to that remember to send love to your baby. Your baby is a part of you and enjoys the love energy too.

Sleep while you can

Don’t exhaust yourself trying to get everything perfect for baby. Baby would rather have a mom who isn’t totally whacked by the time they arrive in the world! Have lovely long lie-ins, early nights, and cat naps too! Get whatever help and support that is available to you.

Do yoga and mild exercise

If you don’t want to join a class buy a pregnancy exercise DVD and try it at home. Doing yoga or some stretching during pregnancy will help you cope better with your labour. A walk or mild aerobic exercise boosts endorphins and makes you less stressed.

Join the pregnancy blogs and enroll in prenatal education

Blogs by other moms on the online baby club sites are a great place to learn about pregnancy and parenting from those in the know! They can be funny too. Joining the blogs will stop you feeling isolated.  Prenatal education from a true expert in the field (not someone with just their own birth experience) is an invaluable tool that really supports you through your pregnancy and childbirth. This can be online or in person classes.

Don’t overdo the research!

Every woman wants to read all about pregnancy and follow her progress through baby books or baby websites every step of the way. The danger arises when the mom-to-be starts checking up on every single detail. Can I eat this? Can I do that? Have I got this, that or the other problem?

Use your common sense

Don’t worry that you feel totally unprepared to care for a baby. It’s a common feeling. It used to be said that your baby common sense is born straight after the baby.

In other words you’ll instinctively know what is right for your baby, what she needs and how to look after her. The rest will come with practice. Much of pregnancy can be guided by common sense. After all we’ve been doing it for centuries!

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